Ladies compartment

Every woman is different, they say. What they don’t know is, “Every woman is glorious in her own way”.

I woke up early this morning, feeling nervous with my dark circles looking even darker and I had to catch this train from my hometown to delhi. I had this interview in south delhi, I Was scared and not because of interview but because of train. I have a train phobia but can’t deal with it.

My mother was coming with me, she knows how much I hate being in a train. She had packed a lot of stuff, breakfast, lunch, dinner, you know in case. I hate it but can’t deal with it too.

Finally we got in the train, my father dropped us and left, it’s a passenger train and we were in the “ladies compartment”. Train started and my heart beat too, as it was going faster, my heart beat started to run too. I was losing my senses, was shivering, it’s an anxiety.

I was all out of my senses and train stopped at the next station, a lot of ladies came in and started shouting at some gentlemen who were so gentle that they were in the ladies compartment. There were three ladies asking them to leave and then there was a bunch of them, they all stood for each other. I even forgot when train started from this station. Their strength as a team, as a lady, made those men leave the ladies compartment, our compartment.

We are a strength, we are together, we can run the world, we just need to show our “power”.

I started to forget about my anxiety and was so into that place, that compartment. They were talking about the problems they face everyday as a woman, as a lady, like the one they faced before. They were happy they had each other’s back and I felt proud.

Then came a lady vendor and all the ladies who were engaged in the talks including me, I met a girl sitting next to me who had an exam the same day in delhi and was getting married next month and my mother was busy with a lady who works in a school, all of us stopped talking and were concentrated on that vendor. She was selling all the stuff a lady needs, handkerchief, comb, nail paints, lipstick, hair pins and a lot more.

There was so much going in just one compartment, a girl was helping her girlfriend getting ready, some were doing their hair as their stop was about to come, some were helping others to get ready. It was a lot to capture in just few hours.

That day, I felt so good and so confident about being a lady. I felt, I don’t have to feel scary and light, I am a woman, I am strong enough. So what if this world is all about men, we have each other. That ladies compartment taught me so much in just two hours.



Fear does exist

Yes, fear exists, everything you feel when you are scared about something is real, everything that crosses your mind when you are thinking about a thing is actually true, when you can actually feel the fear in your surroundings, your body starts to shiver and your brain is only thinking about one thing and that’s your fear.

You may not believe this but it is true, your every fear exists, ‘it exists in your mind’. You are the creator of your fears, you build them on your own, for your own and you start to believe them too. Every fear you have is just your imagination for anything, you picture the situation in your mind but that is not true.

You fear about heights and people climb mount Everest, you fear jumping from heights and people are parachute climbers by choice, you fear darkness and people stay up all night to make their dreams come true, you fear to face people and a performer is dying to have some audience.

Your fears are just holding you back, they are putting you back every day because you believe them. Stop believing in your fears and start to believe in you. You are scared to take a step forward and some are about to reach to their destiny. So, get over your fears.

Don’t just sit here and wonder, what would happen? Go get up and find this answer yourself.

Feminist but not a feminist!

I am feminist but I am not a feminist, confused?

This is a world of men, and women are just playing side roles, right? And when women talk about equality and rights then we are feminists, again right? We always hold second position because we are not as capable as men, right?

If you think that’s right then you are wrong, women were always at position two because we were told that, we were placed on that position, we weren’t even allowed to run in the race of life we were given that position by them.

But now we are not the same ones, we have changed we made efforts for that and we are making every day, you men are living in your comfort zone from birth but we are fighting for our birth rights as a human. And this battle has begun.

we are taking your first position in several fields and you are scared because we are doing it better than you. You call us feminists because you are scared that we are going to take your all positions because women are not less than men.

In one way or another we all are fighting for our rights, somewhere in our family, in our society, in our office or in our heart. But we all are fighting for some rights and equality in our own ways. We all are feminist at some point but we just don’t want to accept it.

Yes, I get so happy when I see a woman growing in any field, I feel proud of that lady and for the hard work and struggle she did behind that success. I feel good about being a woman and if that’s what feminism is then hell yeah, I am feminist.IMG_20170905_133812


You deserve better!

When you feel, something is not right, there is nothing wrong in cross checking the things. So, what if you over think and you have anxieties? You are giving your whole into that relationship and you deserve all that back. You are just being possessive about the thing that is yours and to me it is completely ok. If they are unable to understand your fear of losing them, you must lose them.


I want to shift the focus of all the indians on a very important issue that is being faced by “88%” women of our India. “THE SANITARY PADS” issue,being a woman i feel so terrible that some women are using ashes and hunk instead of menstrual hygiene products, do you even understand how hard and dangerous this is? do you have any idea? If you do, then you must do something about it.

I know they have reduced the GST tax from 14.5% to 12% but is it all? 2.5% is enough? And sindoor, bindi is tax free, BECAUSE THEY THINK, FOR ME THE LIFE OF MY “SUHAG” IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY OWN LIFE. I, a woman disagrees on this, i don’t require sindoor bindi every month but i do require sanitary pads every month, whether i have them or i use ashes and husk but i need something to control that bleeding.

I am a woman and this is my pride that i bleed.

We don’t just have to make it tax free, we have to make some good quality sanitary pads in our country, because all the big brands are so expensive and not every girl could afford them anyway.

I wasn’t aware of it, i was just watching a stand up comedy show on youtube and in my suggestions a video pop up that was about sanitary pads i clicked on it and realised what other women are going through in my country.

I don’t know whether this post is going to  make any change or not but i couldn’t stop myself from writing it.

“लड़कियां पहले ही कम हैं जो बची हैं उन्हें तो बचा लीजिये.”

tax free pads

love is unbreakable

we fight and fight and fight every day, we scream and shout and cry every day, we drive each other crazy, we push each other to that end where there is nothing but just darkness, we go nuts and say things we don’t mean but we say to hurt each other deep, but the only thing we consider after all this is splitting up is not our thing. Fight happens because we care, we care about the little things and changes, we care about each other and about our relation, we are jealous because we don’t want to lose each other and at the end  we both know we are doing this for us and that’s what counts after all. we push each other into the darkness but we both are together in there and we both find a way to brightness together.

love is unbreakable.jpg

Two Sides Of A Coin

Everything has two sides in universe, one is good, one is bad. A person is friends with someone and enemy of someone else, a thing might have good effect on you but might harm somebody, even the laws made for our benefits are misused by some people, all the objects of this universe has two sides just like a coin. We should always accept that everything good comes with some bad too. We should always be prepared for that too, there is nothing in this universe that is all good or all bad. Even if we breathe we are taking the oxygen and giving carbon dioxide to the environment. It is similar as we are sitting in an a/c car, it’s cool inside but leaving double as heat outside. We can’t change it but can only accept it, “there is an evil in every god and god in every evil”.

two sides of a coin.jpg

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