self-assured or cocksure

It’s good to know that you have confidence in yourself, that you are the one who believes in you, that you trust the vibes you have and you are doing the things you want to do. You are following your dreams and you know you can achieve all the goals, and you feel like “eating pie at 4th of July” every day. You are a believer of your own self, you know, you don’t stink at the work instead you know you are good at it. But there is this slight line between being confident and being over confident, it’s good to be self-assured but being cocksure about it could take you down.

It is ok, if you fall sometimes or many times, it’s ok if you stink sometimes and it is ok if you are wrong at something you are doing from a long time. Because every time you drop down from it you learn a new lesson and by each lesson you learn something new and you find new path for it. Don’t destroy everything in overconfidence because when you feel boastful about your work you will assume the results and the results you will assume are going to lead you to the dead end because when those results are not going to be true, you will feel miserable and disappointed and you might stop dreaming about it and it’s not worth it. you over assumed your victory and at its loss you are losing your dream too and that’s just not worth it at all.

We all have heard the story of “rabbit and tortoise”, it was the over confidence of the rabbit that led him to that lost. Rabbit already knew he was much faster than the tortoise, he would have won the race very easily and in that moment, he lost the race already because he underestimated the power of his opponent. on the other hand, the tortoise knew how slow he was? Still he accepted the challenge because he had faith in himself and that’s the kind of confidence you must have at your work. And his slow but continuous efforts, helped him. That is why they say “slow and steady wins the race”.

It doesn’t matter, how many times you fall? Or how many times you tried? The only thing that counts is you never dropped your dreams over any lose. You never got tired of trying again and again. Make a relationship with your dreams and be committed to them. And this is my version of slow and steady wins the race, “It’s ok to crawl instead of laying down”.gjhb.JPG