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Love has no gender.

when i hear “couple” i always imagine a girl and a boy in love, holding hands, romantic dinner dates, first kiss and rain. But it is right? i know, holding hands,romantic dinners, first kiss and all those butterfly moments are right but is it right that a couple always mean a girl and a boy. when does love start to have gender? who defines this couple?

we are thinking in a wrong way, a couple could be two people any two people in love, they could be of same gender or of different, they could be two boys or two girls or a girl and a boy.

why the people with homosexulaity have to fight for their rights, they are no terrorists. They are just in love and not harming anybody, and it’s not that homosexulaity is something born in 21st century, it is with us from the ancient time.

Let them live, they are just humans like us and they are not doing anything wrong but just spreading love from one human to another and we should also do that by accepting them and giving them the rights they deserve. We should help them fight this battle.fgfdhfh.JPG

Best from past

Today, I found myself smiling in the middle of the noon having a cup of decaf coffee in my hand at the city midway coffee house. I was looking far away in the distance didn’t sure what I was looking for? But sure, I was thinking about, you. I was thinking about the late-night calls where we used to discuss about our future like we had a clue! I was thinking about the silly names you gave me which I hated the most then but miss the most now. About our silly fights which used to start from the morning wish and used to drag them till 2 a.m. and after that we got to realize that no fight is bigger than our relation. The care we had for each other in our hearts that no words can explain, the love we shared that no song can describe, the kisses we had that even Cecelia Ahern can’t write about in her novels.

I know we lost it, we lost the love and interest in each other and I also know that we have moved on and we have different lives now. That we are not for each other and we are not going to cross each other’s paths ever. And I am not blaming you or me for this, whatever happened the truth is it happened. I know why we called it off, I know we couldn’t even stand next to each other or maybe we can’t now. But the one thing that we cannot change is that we were together and that we shared a lot of moments together and we made memories for life. I am not denying about the bad memories we had but I am not going to take them with me, I picked all the best ones, the ones which include our smile, our laughter, giggles, love and kisses. I am going to take them with me and I am going to keep them with me.


I miss the old we, the we before the rude ignorance and screaming and shouting, the we which couldn’t keep their hands off each other, the we which couldn’t fall asleep if didn’t hear the voice of one another and I definitely don’t miss you but I do miss our love and the “we” we made.I can’t change our present and future but I am not going to leave the best part of my past like this, so what if we are not together now but we hit it in past and it was beautiful and I will never let those moments fade away in my memory.  I will keep them a live within me till the end of time.fsdg.JPG



WORDS, my identity

Words are not just words they are friends to me, they don’t just describe the things I Say but they describe me. Being a writer, I know the value of words when I use them. I can make sense or can play dangerous with them. I don’t just make sentences, I pour feelings in my words. They help in changing someone’s life, someone’s opinion and sometimes they help in changing the world. The president, the actor, the singer and the dictators as well, every one convinces you with same words just by playing the words jumble.

The Obama, the Osama, mother Teresa or the Hitler, they all changed the world whether in a good or in a bad way. Either inspirational, terrified, kind or frightened they had words for their audience. First you say words, you make promises, you describe the whole situation with your words and then your actions prove it but if they were convinced with your words then only they would wait until you put them into actions.

Your words can make someone smile or cry, can make someone confident or can drag them into pool of doubts, can give someone the pain of laugh in their stomach or can give them the pain of betrayal in their chest, can force someone’s heart to say “yes” or can break someone so hard to scream “no”.

There are not much words in any language but the way we describe them is different, we can be kind or mean and I am not saying that you always must be kind.

This world works like a coin, if there is good side to a thing than there would be other side too. You can be mean or kind to someone that’s your own choice but never be always mean or always kind because that’s not how it works. Even the Hitler was kind to the people of his community.

Words have a lot of power choose them wisely and rule the world.


self-assured or cocksure

It’s good to know that you have confidence in yourself, that you are the one who believes in you, that you trust the vibes you have and you are doing the things you want to do. You are following your dreams and you know you can achieve all the goals, and you feel like “eating pie at 4th of July” every day. You are a believer of your own self, you know, you don’t stink at the work instead you know you are good at it. But there is this slight line between being confident and being over confident, it’s good to be self-assured but being cocksure about it could take you down.

It is ok, if you fall sometimes or many times, it’s ok if you stink sometimes and it is ok if you are wrong at something you are doing from a long time. Because every time you drop down from it you learn a new lesson and by each lesson you learn something new and you find new path for it. Don’t destroy everything in overconfidence because when you feel boastful about your work you will assume the results and the results you will assume are going to lead you to the dead end because when those results are not going to be true, you will feel miserable and disappointed and you might stop dreaming about it and it’s not worth it. you over assumed your victory and at its loss you are losing your dream too and that’s just not worth it at all.

We all have heard the story of “rabbit and tortoise”, it was the over confidence of the rabbit that led him to that lost. Rabbit already knew he was much faster than the tortoise, he would have won the race very easily and in that moment, he lost the race already because he underestimated the power of his opponent. on the other hand, the tortoise knew how slow he was? Still he accepted the challenge because he had faith in himself and that’s the kind of confidence you must have at your work. And his slow but continuous efforts, helped him. That is why they say “slow and steady wins the race”.

It doesn’t matter, how many times you fall? Or how many times you tried? The only thing that counts is you never dropped your dreams over any lose. You never got tired of trying again and again. Make a relationship with your dreams and be committed to them. And this is my version of slow and steady wins the race, “It’s ok to crawl instead of laying down”.gjhb.JPG