Feminist but not a feminist!

I am feminist but I am not a feminist, confused?

This is a world of men, and women are just playing side roles, right? And when women talk about equality and rights then we are feminists, again right? We always hold second position because we are not as capable as men, right?

If you think that’s right then you are wrong, women were always at position two because we were told that, we were placed on that position, we weren’t even allowed to run in the race of life we were given that position by them.

But now we are not the same ones, we have changed we made efforts for that and we are making every day, you men are living in your comfort zone from birth but we are fighting for our birth rights as a human. And this battle has begun.

we are taking your first position in several fields and you are scared because we are doing it better than you. You call us feminists because you are scared that we are going to take your all positions because women are not less than men.

In one way or another we all are fighting for our rights, somewhere in our family, in our society, in our office or in our heart. But we all are fighting for some rights and equality in our own ways. We all are feminist at some point but we just don’t want to accept it.

Yes, I get so happy when I see a woman growing in any field, I feel proud of that lady and for the hard work and struggle she did behind that success. I feel good about being a woman and if that’s what feminism is then hell yeah, I am feminist.IMG_20170905_133812



love is unbreakable

we fight and fight and fight every day, we scream and shout and cry every day, we drive each other crazy, we push each other to that end where there is nothing but just darkness, we go nuts and say things we don’t mean but we say to hurt each other deep, but the only thing we consider after all this is splitting up is not our thing. Fight happens because we care, we care about the little things and changes, we care about each other and about our relation, we are jealous because we don’t want to lose each other and at the end  we both know we are doing this for us and that’s what counts after all. we push each other into the darkness but we both are together in there and we both find a way to brightness together.

love is unbreakable.jpg

Two Sides Of A Coin

Everything has two sides in universe, one is good, one is bad. A person is friends with someone and enemy of someone else, a thing might have good effect on you but might harm somebody, even the laws made for our benefits are misused by some people, all the objects of this universe has two sides just like a coin. We should always accept that everything good comes with some bad too. We should always be prepared for that too, there is nothing in this universe that is all good or all bad. Even if we breathe we are taking the oxygen and giving carbon dioxide to the environment. It is similar as we are sitting in an a/c car, it’s cool inside but leaving double as heat outside. We can’t change it but can only accept it, “there is an evil in every god and god in every evil”.

two sides of a coin.jpg

Love has no gender.

when i hear “couple” i always imagine a girl and a boy in love, holding hands, romantic dinner dates, first kiss and rain. But it is right? i know, holding hands,romantic dinners, first kiss and all those butterfly moments are right but is it right that a couple always mean a girl and a boy. when does love start to have gender? who defines this couple?

we are thinking in a wrong way, a couple could be two people any two people in love, they could be of same gender or of different, they could be two boys or two girls or a girl and a boy.

why the people with homosexulaity have to fight for their rights, they are no terrorists. They are just in love and not harming anybody, and it’s not that homosexulaity is something born in 21st century, it is with us from the ancient time.

Let them live, they are just humans like us and they are not doing anything wrong but just spreading love from one human to another and we should also do that by accepting them and giving them the rights they deserve. We should help them fight this battle.fgfdhfh.JPG

Different is beautiful

Them: why you are so weird?

Me: why you all are so similar?

Yes, I am different, yes, I have my own opinion, yes, I don’t think like others and yes, I don’t care what this society will think about me. Why being different is always weird and wrong? Why people always have to be so judgmental? Why they don’t share their views when it’s needed and not on describing the one who is giving his views?

So, what if I talk to street animals? What if I am friends with the smokers? What if I have a boyfriend who is a struggling artist? What if I ask the baggers, which city they belong to? What if I am graduated and not looking for a job? What if I have names for my plants? What if I am 20 and I still play with my teddy?

I find all these things normal and cool but you know what really freaks me out, that how you people are living a similar constant life, you have no individuality, no difference and have no such thing which you can say is yours only and nobody else have it.

Don’t ever think about what society will say? You know my friends laugh at my laughter, I mean how creepy is that I can’t stop laughing just because they think it’s not good. They will always judge you, you must stop thinking about it.

Just be you, you are a pretty perfect version of who you are, keep it.



I wrote it two years back and i know it’s kinda childish but i want to share it….

When you look at me, it makes me blush

When you sing for me, it lifts me up

When you are not with me, it makes me cry

When you are with me, it’s a thing of joy

You are the love of my life

We are taking this ride

Just new for me and you

But the journey is not going to end ever

Because our love is “forever”.fjhgbjk.JPG

Don’t worry, be happy

Smile at the street dogs, make weird faces whenever you see a baby, his laugh will make you happy, make a complete fool of yourself in front of your friends and laugh with them, click selfies by forming bizarre faces so you can smile whenever you see them, smile when you find a drawing book of your childhood while cleaning the closet, get excited for the 10 bucks you find in your pants pocket suddenly. This life is a book and in every chapter, you are going to meet many people and at the end of that chapter, half of them will make you cry. Make yourself happy with these little things and be excited for everything, you never know when is your last day so live every day like it might be the last day. Don’t wait for anyone to come and make you smile be the only reason for your smile.

“keep smiling, it’s beautiful”.5367d1002933784c872456a3b656652e.jpg