Two Sides Of A Coin

Everything has two sides in universe, one is good, one is bad. A person is friends with someone and enemy of someone else, a thing might have good effect on you but might harm somebody, even the laws made for our benefits are misused by some people, all the objects of this universe has two sides just like a coin. We should always accept that everything good comes with some bad too. We should always be prepared for that too, there is nothing in this universe that is all good or all bad. Even if we breathe we are taking the oxygen and giving carbon dioxide to the environment. It is similar as we are sitting in an a/c car, it’s cool inside but leaving double as heat outside. We can’t change it but can only accept it, “there is an evil in every god and god in every evil”.

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Dark But Beautiful

“You are dark but beautiful “

Some people say it’s a compliment but I see it as a racist comment. Why can’t you just say, you are beautiful? Why you have to mention that I am dark? Why we always consider dark people as ugly ones? Do you ever say this to a white person, you are white but beautiful? Why white is always considered as the reflection of beauty?

Am I evil?

Why always black color is a symbol of evil, demons and is a source of all the negative energy and white is taken as the color of angels and is considered for the positive energy? No matter how beautiful a dark person is, they will always say “black beauty”. Why not just beauty? Why you are telling me that I am black? I already know that and I love my skin color.

The concept of melanin

Melanin is present in each person of this world, darker people have more melanin in their body that’s why they have dark skin, dark hair and dark eyes. And white people have less melanin and hence are mostly blonde with blue or green eyes. And just because I have more melanin in my body than you have that doesn’t make me any less beautiful, I have beautiful features like you have then why you are considered as just beautiful and I am dark but beautiful?

Benefits of dark skin

Dark people are more photogenic, they can wear any color clothes without taking care which will suit more because everything looks just right, Melanin along with other factors, acts as a “natural umbrella” and prevents harmful radiation from entering your skin, they are less prone to skin cancers.


There are several dark-skinned model/actors are present and are most loved too but they also faced a lot of criticism when they were growing up. The best example is the Senegalese model, Khoudia Diop and she calls herself as melanin goddess.asfsdg.JPG


Love has no gender.

when i hear “couple” i always imagine a girl and a boy in love, holding hands, romantic dinner dates, first kiss and rain. But it is right? i know, holding hands,romantic dinners, first kiss and all those butterfly moments are right but is it right that a couple always mean a girl and a boy. when does love start to have gender? who defines this couple?

we are thinking in a wrong way, a couple could be two people any two people in love, they could be of same gender or of different, they could be two boys or two girls or a girl and a boy.

why the people with homosexulaity have to fight for their rights, they are no terrorists. They are just in love and not harming anybody, and it’s not that homosexulaity is something born in 21st century, it is with us from the ancient time.

Let them live, they are just humans like us and they are not doing anything wrong but just spreading love from one human to another and we should also do that by accepting them and giving them the rights they deserve. We should help them fight this battle.fgfdhfh.JPG

Different is beautiful

Them: why you are so weird?

Me: why you all are so similar?

Yes, I am different, yes, I have my own opinion, yes, I don’t think like others and yes, I don’t care what this society will think about me. Why being different is always weird and wrong? Why people always have to be so judgmental? Why they don’t share their views when it’s needed and not on describing the one who is giving his views?

So, what if I talk to street animals? What if I am friends with the smokers? What if I have a boyfriend who is a struggling artist? What if I ask the baggers, which city they belong to? What if I am graduated and not looking for a job? What if I have names for my plants? What if I am 20 and I still play with my teddy?

I find all these things normal and cool but you know what really freaks me out, that how you people are living a similar constant life, you have no individuality, no difference and have no such thing which you can say is yours only and nobody else have it.

Don’t ever think about what society will say? You know my friends laugh at my laughter, I mean how creepy is that I can’t stop laughing just because they think it’s not good. They will always judge you, you must stop thinking about it.

Just be you, you are a pretty perfect version of who you are, keep it.


Best from past

Today, I found myself smiling in the middle of the noon having a cup of decaf coffee in my hand at the city midway coffee house. I was looking far away in the distance didn’t sure what I was looking for? But sure, I was thinking about, you. I was thinking about the late-night calls where we used to discuss about our future like we had a clue! I was thinking about the silly names you gave me which I hated the most then but miss the most now. About our silly fights which used to start from the morning wish and used to drag them till 2 a.m. and after that we got to realize that no fight is bigger than our relation. The care we had for each other in our hearts that no words can explain, the love we shared that no song can describe, the kisses we had that even Cecelia Ahern can’t write about in her novels.

I know we lost it, we lost the love and interest in each other and I also know that we have moved on and we have different lives now. That we are not for each other and we are not going to cross each other’s paths ever. And I am not blaming you or me for this, whatever happened the truth is it happened. I know why we called it off, I know we couldn’t even stand next to each other or maybe we can’t now. But the one thing that we cannot change is that we were together and that we shared a lot of moments together and we made memories for life. I am not denying about the bad memories we had but I am not going to take them with me, I picked all the best ones, the ones which include our smile, our laughter, giggles, love and kisses. I am going to take them with me and I am going to keep them with me.


I miss the old we, the we before the rude ignorance and screaming and shouting, the we which couldn’t keep their hands off each other, the we which couldn’t fall asleep if didn’t hear the voice of one another and I definitely don’t miss you but I do miss our love and the “we” we made.I can’t change our present and future but I am not going to leave the best part of my past like this, so what if we are not together now but we hit it in past and it was beautiful and I will never let those moments fade away in my memory.  I will keep them a live within me till the end of time.fsdg.JPG



WORDS, my identity

Words are not just words they are friends to me, they don’t just describe the things I Say but they describe me. Being a writer, I know the value of words when I use them. I can make sense or can play dangerous with them. I don’t just make sentences, I pour feelings in my words. They help in changing someone’s life, someone’s opinion and sometimes they help in changing the world. The president, the actor, the singer and the dictators as well, every one convinces you with same words just by playing the words jumble.

The Obama, the Osama, mother Teresa or the Hitler, they all changed the world whether in a good or in a bad way. Either inspirational, terrified, kind or frightened they had words for their audience. First you say words, you make promises, you describe the whole situation with your words and then your actions prove it but if they were convinced with your words then only they would wait until you put them into actions.

Your words can make someone smile or cry, can make someone confident or can drag them into pool of doubts, can give someone the pain of laugh in their stomach or can give them the pain of betrayal in their chest, can force someone’s heart to say “yes” or can break someone so hard to scream “no”.

There are not much words in any language but the way we describe them is different, we can be kind or mean and I am not saying that you always must be kind.

This world works like a coin, if there is good side to a thing than there would be other side too. You can be mean or kind to someone that’s your own choice but never be always mean or always kind because that’s not how it works. Even the Hitler was kind to the people of his community.

Words have a lot of power choose them wisely and rule the world.


What defines my character?

My clothes, my friends, my late-night parties, my drinks, my hobbies, my lifestyle, everything defines my character. Right? I am a girl and I am 20 and I have been called slut at least 20 times for 20 different reasons by 20 different people and It hurts so bad when I say people, because it include men and women both.

They called me slut because I was wearing a shoulder less top, they called me slut because I was wearing hot pants, they called me slut because I was wearing a tight dress, they called me shameless because I was wearing a ripped jeans, they called me a whore because I was at the party till mid night, they called me bitch because I was hanging out with my male friends, they called me tramp because I drink sometimes, they called me characterless because I was being me.

He wants me as a girlfriend because I am hot, he won’t marry me because I am hot. He wants to hook up with me because I look sexy in my red dress, he won’t marry me because I wear short red dress that reveals my body. He wants to hang out with me on public places because I have good personality and it will increase his social status in front of his friends, but he won’t marry me because I have good personality and all his friends will stare at me.

And it just doesn’t end on the double standards of man but also the double standards of woman towards a woman are surprisingly shocking.

She will not become friends with me because she thinks I have attitude problem, she never tried to speak to me still she thinks I have attitude problems. She hates me because all the boys like me and give attention to me, she starts rumors about me because she wants to degrade my image in front my mates. She doesn’t know me but she knows I am a whore because I don’t fit in her eyes. She hates me because I have good dressing sense, she hates me because I look good every day, she hates me because I have a positive energy and everybody likes me, she hates me because according to her I have a personality that she can’t have and I didn’t say that to her but she thinks all this, all by her own.

who are you to judge me? Who are you to say I am a slut or whore or tramp? Who are you?

You are that woman who can’t be like me, you want to, but you can’t and in that jealousy, you made me a slut, you are that man who can’t have me, you want to sleep with me but because I refused you and you are doing all this in just anger and in that anger you made me a whore.

Just because you people have your own issues, your own crises and your own insecurities and you question my character?. Stop this s#it today because i am just doing fine and i will be fine but you ain’t going anywhere with this but only to hell.tyguj.JPG


I wrote it two years back and i know it’s kinda childish but i want to share it….

When you look at me, it makes me blush

When you sing for me, it lifts me up

When you are not with me, it makes me cry

When you are with me, it’s a thing of joy

You are the love of my life

We are taking this ride

Just new for me and you

But the journey is not going to end ever

Because our love is “forever”.fjhgbjk.JPG

Don’t worry, be happy

Smile at the street dogs, make weird faces whenever you see a baby, his laugh will make you happy, make a complete fool of yourself in front of your friends and laugh with them, click selfies by forming bizarre faces so you can smile whenever you see them, smile when you find a drawing book of your childhood while cleaning the closet, get excited for the 10 bucks you find in your pants pocket suddenly. This life is a book and in every chapter, you are going to meet many people and at the end of that chapter, half of them will make you cry. Make yourself happy with these little things and be excited for everything, you never know when is your last day so live every day like it might be the last day. Don’t wait for anyone to come and make you smile be the only reason for your smile.

“keep smiling, it’s beautiful”.5367d1002933784c872456a3b656652e.jpg