You deserve better!

When you feel, something is not right, there is nothing wrong in cross checking the things. So, what if you over think and you have anxieties? You are giving your whole into that relationship and you deserve all that back. You are just being possessive about the thing that is yours and to me it is completely ok. If they are unable to understand your fear of losing them, you must lose them.


What defines my character?

My clothes, my friends, my late-night parties, my drinks, my hobbies, my lifestyle, everything defines my character. Right? I am a girl and I am 20 and I have been called slut at least 20 times for 20 different reasons by 20 different people and It hurts so bad when I say people, because it include men and women both.

They called me slut because I was wearing a shoulder less top, they called me slut because I was wearing hot pants, they called me slut because I was wearing a tight dress, they called me shameless because I was wearing a ripped jeans, they called me a whore because I was at the party till mid night, they called me bitch because I was hanging out with my male friends, they called me tramp because I drink sometimes, they called me characterless because I was being me.

He wants me as a girlfriend because I am hot, he won’t marry me because I am hot. He wants to hook up with me because I look sexy in my red dress, he won’t marry me because I wear short red dress that reveals my body. He wants to hang out with me on public places because I have good personality and it will increase his social status in front of his friends, but he won’t marry me because I have good personality and all his friends will stare at me.

And it just doesn’t end on the double standards of man but also the double standards of woman towards a woman are surprisingly shocking.

She will not become friends with me because she thinks I have attitude problem, she never tried to speak to me still she thinks I have attitude problems. She hates me because all the boys like me and give attention to me, she starts rumors about me because she wants to degrade my image in front my mates. She doesn’t know me but she knows I am a whore because I don’t fit in her eyes. She hates me because I have good dressing sense, she hates me because I look good every day, she hates me because I have a positive energy and everybody likes me, she hates me because according to her I have a personality that she can’t have and I didn’t say that to her but she thinks all this, all by her own.

who are you to judge me? Who are you to say I am a slut or whore or tramp? Who are you?

You are that woman who can’t be like me, you want to, but you can’t and in that jealousy, you made me a slut, you are that man who can’t have me, you want to sleep with me but because I refused you and you are doing all this in just anger and in that anger you made me a whore.

Just because you people have your own issues, your own crises and your own insecurities and you question my character?. Stop this s#it today because i am just doing fine and i will be fine but you ain’t going anywhere with this but only to hell.tyguj.JPG


She is sweet, she is nice

Sun is shining so bright

She is happy, she smiles

That’s her pride

She giggles, she laughs

That’s the only thing she has

This is the face she is showing to the world

But deep down she is broken and shattered with your words

She cries, she screams

She is broken indeed

She will standup and will move on

You will regret for being a morondtfy.JPG