You deserve better!

When you feel, something is not right, there is nothing wrong in cross checking the things. So, what if you over think and you have anxieties? You are giving your whole into that relationship and you deserve all that back. You are just being possessive about the thing that is yours and to me it is completely ok. If they are unable to understand your fear of losing them, you must lose them.


I want to shift the focus of all the indians on a very important issue that is being faced by “88%” women of our India. “THE SANITARY PADS” issue,being a woman i feel so terrible that some women are using ashes and hunk instead of menstrual hygiene products, do you even understand how hard and dangerous this is? do you have any idea? If you do, then you must do something about it.

I know they have reduced the GST tax from 14.5% to 12% but is it all? 2.5% is enough? And sindoor, bindi is tax free, BECAUSE THEY THINK, FOR ME THE LIFE OF MY “SUHAG” IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY OWN LIFE. I, a woman disagrees on this, i don’t require sindoor bindi every month but i do require sanitary pads every month, whether i have them or i use ashes and husk but i need something to control that bleeding.

I am a woman and this is my pride that i bleed.

We don’t just have to make it tax free, we have to make some good quality sanitary pads in our country, because Whisper, Stayfree and all the big brands are so expensive and not every girl could afford them anyway.

I wasn’t aware of it, i was just watching a stand up comedy show on youtube and in my suggestions a video pop up that was about sanitary pads i clicked on it and realised what other women are going through in my country.

I don’t know whether this post is going to  make any change or not but i couldn’t stop myself from writing it.

“लड़कियां पहले ही कम हैं जो बची हैं उन्हें तो बचा लीजिये.”

tax free pads

I Know My Strengths.

“Girls walk neck and neck with boys.”

People say in today’s generation we girls walk neck and neck with boys. Means we are as capable as boys in every situation, really? Are we? Yeah, we are equal in terms of brains but in physical strength boys do have more strength than girls. Some girls may get offend by this statement but this is just my opinion.

When a mother gives birth to a child, whether to her own child or being surrogate for any other mother, she does that with all the selflessness, she is never selfish in carrying a baby for 9 months in her tummy, in facing all the mood swings, do not even think about her body or figure, and the labor pain that feels like breaking 206 bones in a human body. And to add cherry on our cake we get periods every month, all the pain, irritating of sanitary pads and the mood swings. Can a boy even imagine how it feel likes? Or how would it feel like whenever we are planning for a trip or there is any marriage or any occasion we have to think about ours periods first? Women are beautiful from their heart they are not rude and mean like boys, never could ever a boy would go through all these for giving birth to a new person.

Ladies we don’t want equality we need equity. We are not made for proving our strengths with these boys we are soft, delightful, sensitive and emotional.

We are not like them and don’t even want to be like them, we don’t need to be like them, I am not saying that we should stay at home and take care of children and just cook, No, do the things you love either it’s about wrestling or about gym we girls can do anything we want but do not compare your strength with boys. We have our own powers that a boy can never have.

And this is my opinion may be yours is different, just let me know what you think about it.

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